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The winter holidays bring a great influx of consumer spending. Make sure your listings are ready to take advantage of the holiday season by following these simple tips to optimize sales.

1. Gifts and Seasonal Items

It’s the season of giving, so put your gift items and seasonal products front and center. This is probably the most important listing tip this time of year. Draw attention to the qualities that make each item a great gift and how much the recipient will cherish it.

2. Stock Up on Popular Products

Find out what’s hot this season in eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail stores. Pay attention to the type of items the big-name stores are promoting as the holidays approach. Once you know what items are in demand this year, stock up.

3. Fix Your Prices

Tis the season of impulse purchasing. Buyers are in a hurry and don’t want to wait for an auction. They want to cross another name off their list and get their shopping done. Use fixed prices and Buy It Now options to take advantage of those quick purchase decisions.

4. Free Shipping

As long as sales have existed, buyers have been fatally tempted by the free offer. Free shipping increases the perceived value of your item. eBay’s Fast N’ Free Guarantee Delivery is a big hit with shoppers. Snatch that second sale by offering free shipping for multiple items.

5. Fast Shipping

We already know holiday shoppers are in a rush. Boost your sales by giving them exactly what they need. Get your order processing time down to a minimum and give your buyers options for one or two-day shipping. Make sure they understand how long processing will take and how quickly they’ll receive their item(s). The faster they can get that product, the more sales you’ll make.

6. Free Returns

This one can be difficult because a lot of sellers worry that they’ll see an increase in returns and refunds. This might be true to a trivial extent, but as long as you’re selling a decent product, you’ll see more of an increase in sales than returns. Trusting the seller and feeling confident in the purchase is exactly the encouragement most buyers need.

7. SEO and Navigation

Your product title is the most effective tool for turning up in search results. Include specifications in the title to get in front of the people who want to buy it (color, size, brand, etc.). You should also add “specific holiday gift” to your title for consumers who are looking for ideas. Post holiday-specific product descriptions that are focused on the season or gifting possibilities. Create categories that holiday shoppers will be interested in.  

8. Customer Service

One more time, holiday shoppers are in a hurry. If you take too long to respond to customers, you’ll lose a lot of sales. Be prepared to answer questions and address concerns immediately. Customer service is a selling point in itself. Bend over backward for your customers and they’ll remember you.

9. Promotions Manager

Who doesn’t love a great deal during the holidays? Use eBay’s Promotions Manager to run campaigns that provide shoppers with that essential incentive. Sell, upsell, and get that one last product in the cart with multi-item specials, free shipping, and BOGO sales.

10. Promoted Listings

Increase your visibility and sales by listing your best seasonal products, items that need more impressions, overstocked items, and price-locked products on eBay’s Promoted Listings. You only pay for this service when you make the sale, so it’s a low-risk way to boost your business. To use Promoted Listings, your rating must be at least “above standard”.