Convince Buyers with the New “Offer to Buyers” Feature

2 min read

According to eBay’s 2019 Early Seller Update, starting March 2019, eBay will be launching a new feature “Offer to Buyers” in Seller Hub which will enable sellers to send offers to buyers of some of their eligible listings. This feature helps sellers target potential buyers who are interested in their products. Sellers can send offers to buyers who have added their listings to their watch list. Offer to Buyers can help sellers increase their sales and conversion rate.

To view your eligible listings click “Offer to Buyers” in Seller Hub. The listing does not need to include Best Offer to be eligible to send offers to buyers. This feature will be available selectively across a seller’s inventory. According to eBay, “Eligibility is determined by a number of factors, including the age of listing, listing format, and rules that manage the number of offers buyers receive.” eBay also mentioned that they might expand eligibility in the future.

To send an offer to buyers who are watching your items, go to your Active listings page in Seller Hub and select “Eligible for offers.” When you send the offer, you will see “Review offer sent” next to the listing. Buyers will then get notified once they receive an offer and they can then decide whether they will accept the offer or not. Offers will expire after 48 hours so buyers should take advantage of this especially when they have been watching the item for a long time. If a buyer rejects a seller’s initial offer, the seller cannot send a second offer. Buyers can also change their communication preferences if they do not want to receive offers.

If sellers do not use Seller Hub, they can send their offers through MyeBay from the active listings page.

If you do not see the feature in your Seller Hub, do not worry. eBay is rolling the feature out in phases, but the feature should be available to most sellers by the end of March 2019. Also, always check back for any new eligible listings since eBay is constantly evaluating listing eligibility.