Protect Your Listings with eBay’s Out Of Stock Feature

3 min read

Traditionally, when a listing’s quantity reaches zero, the product will be removed from the eBay’s catalog and valuable information regarding the page such as page views, sales history, watches, and just the page’s overall standing, will be lost. You will have to relist and gather valuable information again. eBay fixed this problem by introducing its Out Of Stock feature.

The Out Of Stock feature keeps your listings alive, even if the quantity reaches zero. And your hard-earned reputation including your page views and quantity sold. When the Out Of Stock feature is enabled, and the quantity reaches zero, it hides your listings from the search results; however, when the products get more stock, the listing will be active again without losing its standing and SEO behind it.

Note: The Out Of Stock feature will only work on Good ‘Til Canceled (GTC) listings.

Enabling the Out Of Stock feature is very simple.

  1. Go to My eBay – Account – Site Preferences
  2. Under “Selling Preferences” click “Show” next to Sell Your Item form and listings
  3. Select the checkbox and click “Apply.”

When you are trying to grow your sales, the Out Of Stock feature is beneficial. It helps you increase your listings Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it saves the seller time from not only monitoring but also ending and recreating a new listing when there is new inventory, and it improves inventory management.

A single SKU items with the Out Of Stock feature the item will not show up on eBay’s search results page, if a buyer has the item ID they can still search for the item but the Buy it Now and the Add to card buttons will be disabled, and there will be a label that the item is out of stock.

On a variation item and at least one of the variations has stock the item will show up on eBay’s search results page, variations with zero quantity will be shown as ‘out of stock’ on the View Item page. If all variations are out of stock, it will behave the same as a single SKU item.

If you have products that are popular and sell out of stock for a brief period and you are still planning on selling those items, the Out Of Stock feature is a handy tool for you. Not only is it straightforward to use, but it also helps you protect your listings valuable information.

When a listing using the Out Of Stock feature has zero quantity for the entire billing month, eBay will refund the listing fees. If the listing is out of stock for 90 days, eBay will end the listing.