Encourage Customers to Buy More with Volume Pricing

3 min read

eBay has launched a very easy feature to encourage customers to buy more of your item, this is called Volume Pricing.

Volume Pricing is a way to incentivize your buyers to purchase more quantities of your item and lets you set discounts on multi-quantity purchases. This helps you increase your sales and save up on shipping costs.

Volume Pricing is very easy to set up. Here’s the step-by-step process:

1. Choose the item you would like to apply the offer or discount, then copy the SKU of that item.
2. Go to the Marketing tab, click Promotions under the Merchandising menu.
3. From the Manage Promotions page, click Create a Promotion then click Volume Pricing in the drop down.
From the Create Volume Pricing page, you can set up a volume-based percentage discount for any item you choose to promote.
4. Lastly, add the SKUs to the designated box. Once everything looks good, click Launch to start advertising the discount.
Once the promotion is applied, your listings will automatically show discounted rates for multi-quantity purchases.

Volume Pricing is a great way to attract customers to increase visits to your page and exposing your inventory. It has been reported that sellers using Volume Pricing have seen as much as a 10% increase in their sales.

Although Volume Pricing has a lot of good points, the feature has its limitations.
One of the limitations of Volume Pricing is that it cannot be applied to any listing with variations. Another limitation is that once the volume price is set for an item, you cannot change it from the item’s listing page. The only way to change the volume price is by going to the Manage Promotions page, once you are in the Manage Promotions page, you still cannot change the volume price directly through there. You must first click Pause on the item, which then stops the promotions, then you need to go back to the listing page to re-set your volume prices.

You can also end a promotion by choosing Delete from the Action dropdown to permanently end the promotion for a listing.

Volume Pricing also works well with other promotions. If you have Volume Pricing, Codeless coupons, and Order discounts, based on what is in the customer’s cart, only the single best discount will be applied. If you have a markdown sale, the Volume Pricing will be applied on top of the discounted price. Volume Pricing will also be applied for any shipping discounts.

In conclusion, Volume Pricing is a great feature that eBay added. The feature is still not perfect, but it is a great and easy way to increase your sales, reduce shipping costs, and promote your inventory.