Send Offers with Exclusive Discount to eBay Buyers

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Seller Initiated Offers – Send Offers with Exclusive Discount to Buyers

 eBay announced that sellers can now send offers with exclusive discounts to buyers through their Seller Initiated Offers in 3 ways: 

  • offers to buyers who watch your item
  • Offers to buyers who have an item in their cart. 
  • And offers in a message.

A buyer’s interest can be seen when the buyer adds the item on their watch list or when the buyer adds the item to their cart. Sellers can then take advantage of this through the Seller Initiated Offers. Sellers can go to the specific listing that buyers have shown interest in by going to Active Listings in Seller Hub. Within seconds sellers can send an exclusive offer with a personalized message to buyers who are watching or who have the item in their cart.

According to eBay, this message reaches up to 10 of the recent people who have shown interest in the product. Buyers will instantly receive the notification of the new offer through the eBay app or via email and can make the purchase.

Offer in the message was also expanded by eBay. Before, buyers could only accept an offer through eBay’s website. With the new update, buyers can now accept the offer through their mobile app which allows buyers to shop whenever and wherever they are.

According to eBay: “when you created Best Offer, you allow a buyer to start negotiation on items. Seller Initiated Offers is a way to expand that economic opportunity and help our sellers do more and work faster. This will enable more engagement between sellers and buyers, embracing eBay’s mission of driving e-commerce through innovation.”

For sellers, this is another tool to use to grow their business. For buyers, it is another way to connect with sellers and let them know they are interested in the product.

Sending offers to buyers who watch and offers in the message have already launched in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Australia on desktop, mobile web and eBay’s native apps for iOS and Android. Offers to cart, however, will be available later this year.