We’ve Rebranded! List on Fire is now SellerGrip

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Today’s a big day. And I’m so excited for people to log into SellerGrip to see for themselves.

I’m excited to announce that as of May 17, 2020, we have a new name and brand identity:

List on Fire is now SellerGrip.

From the beginning, we had one goal: to let sellers list items on multiple channels with ease and have inventory orders managed and synced under one dashboard. That’s how our journey for listing on eBay started. We called our product List On Fire- the name directly depicted our initial focus- to be able to list items on eBay and sync inventory.

After we built that product, we kept on adding functionality based on the vision that the items listed on eBay should sync with Amazon under one dashboard.

At our core is the belief that the modern merchant deserves an omnichannel strategy. Amazon may be big, but eBay and Walmart sellers continue to net billions.

Also, you don’t need a degree in databasing, supply logistics, and software engineering. All you need is an efficient platform that supports and streamlines your eCommerce listings.

With time, eCommerce is expanding rapidly as new channels are coming to the market and more sellers are building their websites. Inspired by our customers who are the movers and shakers of the eCommerce world, we decided it was time to develop our brand into something that could stay laser focus on our goal of creating a product suite that helps eCommerce sellers work on one dashboard. So, today, we are reintroducing ourselves as SellerGrip.

With a beautiful, new design and many new functionalities,  SellerGrip is here to impact the eCommerce world. We will ensure that we deliver a consistent, cohesive experience and support as we grow.

When we started our rebranding process, we set out on a mission to find a memorable, easy to pronounce, easy to spell name that would help us to tell a story. SellerGrip reflects the essence of our values in one word, “Grow your eCommerce empire from the palm of your hand.”

I love that our new brand identity can inspire people on an emotional level and encourage our users to be creative, imaginative, and willing to take risks.

From day one, we’ve strived to build a community of like-minded individuals rather than to just ship a new feature or build a product. To us, our new name reflects all the aspects of our personality as a brand. We are both supportive and challenging—ready to act as a fencing partner for our customers and help them to push the boundaries and achieve more.


We’re excited to share our new brand identity with you—one that allows us to experiment with a wide visual range but still represents our core DNA of helping passionate eCommerce sellers have more control over their business.

The List on Fire Logo

Before we jump headfirst into revealing our new logo, we’re going to take some inspiration from the Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, and say, “Thank you.”

Marie believes that before throwing something out (or in our case, moving on from something), you should show your gratitude for the joy it brought you.

Our old identity has been a champion, and we’ve had some amazing moments under it. It’s been there for our most significant milestones, and more importantly, it brought us together. And we’ve had lots of laughs, learnings, and friendships along the way.

So, to our old identity, “Thank you! We couldn’t have done this without you!”

Introducing our New SellerGrip Logo

We’re delighted to introduce our new logo, and we can’t wait to make even more memories under it. 

We wanted to create a confident and approachable brand, underpinned by simplicity. We believe in our products. Going forward, we want to make SellerGrip the suite of inventory products for ambitious merchants who understand good tools and enjoy using them. Period.

With our new logo, we wanted to go for something reliable, simple, and proactive. So, there comes our new font and a new color palette.

Our new Font

We wanted our font to be simple but reliable. We think our new typeface, Museo and Montserrat represent our new brand’s emphasis on simplicity and approachability. And it looks really nice, too.

Our Color Palette

We want every interaction with SellerGrip to be a joy, so we gravitated towards colors that are vibrant, delightful, and uplifting.

Our brand elements

The new changes will be in effect today. Be sure to check out the look.

You will notice some big visual changes on the new website as well as within the products, the default colors, and logos. You will also notice a set of changes to the existing behavior and the way you used the website until today:

1. We have created a new landing page where we explain what SellerGrip offers to ambitious merchants and sellers.

2. The new website is super, super fast with a 77% increase in loading speed. Give it a try.

3. We have redesigned the app from the ground up, keeping our users and workflow in mind.

4. We’ve redesigned the list on eBay & Walmart workflow. It’s much easier to list now on eBay & Walmart.

5. We have combined the eBay listings & Walmart listings pages under one improved page called Listings. So, you’ll be able to see all your listings under one page!

6. A new order details page where you see all the details of the order beautifully displayed, to make the order process easier than ever.

8. We have also updated the pricing and the way we price our service. We have had months of research on how our users are using our product and what will benefit them the most. We had not updated our pricing from when we launched two years ago. Now, with all the feedback we got, we have made the change, introducing GMV/ value-based pricing (Gross Merchandise Value). No surprises here, you get all the tools we have, no limits on SKUs, channels, orders, or tools we offer. This will ensure that you grow with us, with no limitations for beginners and growing eCommerce sellers.

The GMV pricing is based on whether you make the money with us or not. If you have had a slower month, we will still work with you and lower your bill.

Here is how GMV pricing works:

Our proactive pricing starts at just $129 per month. This rate covers up to $6,000 of your GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) per month. If you exceed that amount, we automatically calculate and bill for the excess usage at the end of each billing cycle. Your GMV is updated in real-time. It is displayed on your billing page so that you can keep track of it.

This is just the beginning of our new brand. We’re excited that it will guide us as we build new products, reach new milestones, and continue to grow. To our customers who embrace our products and bring the SellerGrip ethos to life: Thank you for being part of our journey, and for letting us be a part of yours. We hope that you’re as excited by this change as we are. We’d love to hear your feedback.