Save on Amazon Fees Using Small and Light

1 min read

Launched in 2015, FBA Small and Light helps reduce the cost of fulfilling orders on qualified items. Previously, Amazon’s restriction on Small and Light is: “Only products in new condition that measure 16x9x4 inches or less, weigh 15 oz or less, and are priced at $15 or less are eligible for Small and Light.”

Now, starting July 26, 2019, Amazon has new restrictions for sellers to its Small and Light Program: items will be required to weigh 10oz or less and be pried at $7 or less.

The programs’ products are prime-eligible. With 3-5 business days standard shipping for Prime customers, and 6-8 business days free shipping for non-prime customers.

As long as the price remains less than or equal to $15, any item enrolled before July 26 will still be under the Small and Light fee structure until January 26, 2020. From January 27, 2020 onwards, all items that will exceed 10oc or 7$ will be changed to standard FBS and will be under the FBA fulfillment fees.