Walmart Integration Release and More.

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List On Fire now fully integrated with Walmart, you can do the following:

Create new listings
Create new Walmart listings from the inventory page, the same easy way you are creating eBay listings. All required information is prefilled and is easy to edit.

Note: List On Fire does not calculate shipping in the Walmart listing price; you can set this up under the Walmart shipping settings.

Revise listings
Revise listings from the new Walmart listings page.

End listings
Under the new Walmart listings page, you can end the Walmart listing.

Sync Inventory Across Multi Warehouses
Under the inventory page, you now have a new column for “Merchant warehouse quantity” where you can add your local stock, and it will be synced to Walmart, as well to Amazon and eBay.

If you add local quantity and there is FBA quantity, and the SKU is listed on eBay or Walmart, List on Fire will now sync both quantities to eBay, if the SKU is also listed on Walmart when an order comes into List On Fire, it will follow the following scenarios:

  1. If the order comes in from eBay, and there is FBA quantity and Merchant quantity
    List On Fire will Ship the order from Amazon Multi Channel
  2. If the order comes in from eBay, and there is only local quantity
    List On Fire will ship the order from the Merchant quantity
  3. If the order comes in from eBay, and there is only FBA quantity
    List On Fire will ship the order from Amazon multi channel
  4. If the order comes in from Walmart
    List On Fire will always use the Merchant quantity.

Bulk update item weight
You can now update the item weight in bulk with a CSV; you can download and upload the CSV template from the actions button on the inventory page.

Expand variation on the inventory page
We added your long requested feature to expand and see all variations on the inventory page; you can now also add the cost to each variation when you expend the variations view.

New filters on the inventory page
You will see new filters on the inventory page

  1. Listed on
    Where you can filter items that are listed on selected channels
  2. Not Listed On
    Where you can filter items that are not listed on selected channels.

Import not active SKU’s from Amazon
Until now List On Fire only imported Amazon SKUS that had actual quantity, now you will have all your Amazon SKUS even it does not have actual quantity so you can list it and add Merchant warehouse quantity.

The search engine on the orders page
We have added the long requested feature for a search engine on the Orders page; you can search buyers name, SKU, item title.

Listing Statuses
When you list an item to Walmart you will see the following status, Submitted, Published, Unpublished, Ended, Error, you can also use the filters on the new Walmart listings page to filter these statuses.

Send orders to ShipStation
If you have ShipStation connected to List On Fire and there is a Walmart order List On Fire will send the order to ShipStation, when the order gets shipped List On Fire will send the tracking to Walmart.

Bulk download orders
You can now bulk download all orders from the orders page under the actions button.

Bulk update tracking
You can now bulk update tracking for orders under the actions button.

Results per page on the orders page
You can now filter the orders page by results per page, 25, 50, 100, 200, and All.

Moved the Settings page under channels
The eBay and Walmart settings page is now under the channels page next to each channel, to support setting pages for each channel.

Multiple Walmart channels
You can now have multiple Walmart accounts under one List On Fire user account, if you are adding multiple Walmart accounts you will now have the option to select to which Walmart account you want to list on the listing dialog box.

If you are a customer or you would like to become a customer you can check out the updated here