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Get your listings up—and keep them running:

Profit-based list price calculation

Set item cost and desired markup ($ or %) to auto-calculate all marketplace fees and generate target price per marketplace

Omnichannel listing variation support

Listing variations across eBay and Walmart improve buyer’s shopping experience and reduces seller’s listing fees

Cross-platform listings with single click

Turn your Amazon listings into eBay and Walmart pages with one click. All data is prefilled based on marketplace requirements

eBay category-matching algorithm

SellerGrip intelligently reads your item data and category specifics, and automatically matches eBay categories

COGS inclusion in the calculation

Easily add the cost of goods sold, so you can keep track of your exact margins when listing

One-click listing revision and termination

Revise or end eBay/Walmart listings from your SellerGrip dashboard to keep all listings accurate

‘List Only’ feature

Engage ‘List Only’ feature to only use listing feature without syncing quantity or orders

Import existing live listings

Import live, existing listings to keep its SEO


Keep an eye (and hand) on every SKU in your supply chain:


Create virtual kits: multiple from the same item or a combination of multiple items

Item detail auto-import

With a click, extract SKU, title, description, images, variation information, brand and attributes from any channel

Bulk data import and export

CSV files enable instant import and export of kits, COGS, weight and warehouse quantity in bulk

eBay out-of-stock auto trigger

Zero inventory triggers ‘out of stock’ eBay status to retain listing’s SEO; new stock reactivates listing

Omnichannel inventory sync

Inventories sync across all marketplaces in real time to preempt overselling and inform sales strategies

FBA-to-eBay inventory sync

FBA warehouse inventory auto syncs to eBay for up-to-the-minute availability data

Safety reserve w/advanced inventory levels

Set desired threshold to auto-reserve quantity and mark channel as ‘zero’ to avoid overselling

Max sync quantity w/advanced inventory levels

Set max quantity to sync to eBay to avoid hitting account limits; eBay quantity will not exceed specified limit


Bring order and control to your entire fulfillment flow:

Bulk order-detail exporting

Export all order details as list, CSV, or other format for management on any desired shipping platform

Bulk order-tracking update

Update tracking data on multiple orders at once: manually in UI or with CSV bulk-import feature

FBA shipping speeds on eBay

Map eBay shipping speeds to Amazon’s fulfillment shipping speeds to offer faster shipping on eBay

Seamless shipping integrations

ShipStation integration helps you manage multiple local warehouses and allows shipping from any warehouse at will

Automated order routing

Each individual order is routed from the correct point of origin (Amazon multichannel fulfillment or local warehouses) according to your warehouse priority settings


Enjoy more automation with less managerial overhead:

Multi-account marketplace listing

Effortlessly and safely connect unlimited Amazon, eBay and Walmart accounts

Listing catalog detail filters

Powerful filters let you locate items yes/not listed on specific channels to maximize profit potentials

Walmart listing status notifications

See real-time Walmart listing statuses and listing-error details

Multi-warehouse monitoring

Track and sync quantity across multiple warehouses, including 1PL, 3PL and FBA

Real-time marketplace sync

SellerGrip updates data between marketplaces as fast as the marketplace allows, preventing overselling

More channels. More items. More growth.

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